…….Sooooooo in case you couldn’t tell by now I’m a financial advisor.

However, when I’m out at a social event and the question comes up of what I do I sometimes cringe because the public perception of my profession is either demonizing or one of uneasiness. Why?

people think of us they often see us as those depicted in the show billions–people that make ungodly amounts of money for taking insanely risky bets and have huge bravados to back it up.

we are perceived as the character from the Wolf of Wall Street making money by slinging garbage investments to everyday Americans

worst outright stealing from them by some financial sleight of hand like Bernie Madoff.

On the other hand people often feel uneasy around us because they feel like we only work with a certain clientele of whom they don’t belong. However, both perceptions are wrong but when you’re at a party you don’t have time to counter all the misconceptions so you sigh, respond “I’m a financial advisor,” and try to change the topic as soon as possible. And all this because the loudest voices have been that of the media which shine light on the few bad seeds while ignoring the majority because scandal sells. But doing so, while good for the entertainment industry, has created a warped view of financial advisors. It’s led many Americans to shun the very individuals that are definite necessities solving many of the finance problems people face everyday. So it’s time to debunk that and hopefully the series of post outlined below will do just that:

Future Posts
  1. A Day in the Life of a Financial Advisor
  2. How Financial Advisors Get Paid
  3. When to Dave Ramsey and When to Not
  4. Hedgefunds
  5. Bad Apples In Finances
  6. History of Retirement (Maybe (Social Security)
  7. Timeline of the Financial Services Industry

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