I love to listen to podcast because on one hand I swear I’m part ADD and always feel the need to multitask less I get bored and on the other it’s just a better way for me to be more efficient with my time. Podcast really help me to learn while cooking, cleaning…insert mindless task. In this case, it was learn while driving (maybe not a mindless task to some but trust me with LA’s stop-and-go traffic where it’s more stop than go, it is). Recently I’ve been looking for entrepreneurship podcast because I’m starting a business. Finance Your Dreams was a mere idea 6 months ago and now its actual words on a page that your reading. But given how new I am to starting my own business I want to equip myself with the knowledge that I need to succeed. Sometimes that meant reading up on articles about how to launch a marketing campaign or how to build a wordpress site. But when I was driving home today I found the Foundr Podcast  interview with Jim Kwik about How to Learn particularly interesting for its in depth look on the best ways to learn something new. While this aside on learning  may seem like an detour from the typical finance related mantra of this blog, I don’t think it is. You see the goal of this site is to teach you how to accomplish and achieve your dreams by learning how to properly manage your finances. And even once you’ve tackled those basics learning is still going to be an integral part of your financial future because you’re always going to be learning how to better your craft so that you can command a higher salary and earn the money you need to accomplish your goals. Some of the wealthiest people in the world–Warren Buffet & Bill Gates–attribute their success to the fact that they were lifetime learners. Thus, regardless of where you are in your financial journey, learning how to learn is a crucial first step. One you can learn more about here.

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